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First of all a big thank you to everyone that came along to Hades on Monday.  We had a fantastic time.  The playlists are now up on Cogs and Cobwebs: http://cogsandcobwebs.com/playlist_manager.php?type=2

Secondly:  We have booked The Foundry again for 13th May!

Third: we want your input
Over the years Hades has changed in many ways since its first inception.  Not only have we changed venues several times, the range of music played has become increasingly diverse.  The music itself has also changed in some ways - some genres have split and developed into different styles, and there are some new genres that have become more popular.  We are constantly reviewing what it is that we play, and exploring the boundaries of what we like, what other people like, and what the musical composition of Hades should be.

Often we tend to improvise, and go with what seems to work at any given venue and night.  However, we think that since Hades is such a community, we would like to get some thoughts from all of you.  From the regulars, the occasional visitors, the people who used to attend, and the people who are thinking of coming along to their first night.  All of you.

(Note that we are not looking to make any major changes to Hades, but maybe make some refinements.)

If you are interested in seeing what we have done in the past, our playlists are available here, as well as statistical information:

I've invited you to fill out the form Hades wants your input!. To fill it out, visit:

Hades on 23 March - reminder


(apologies for cross posting)

Just a quick reminder that Hades is on tomorrow night at The Foundry, Canterbury

We are proud to announce a late guest addition - our friend DJ Hamsterhotep is joining us!

9:00pm-2:00am last entry to the venue at 11:00pm

Entry id £3, or £2 with flyer or printout from the hades homepage.

More details on facebook: http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=2350929323#/event.php?eid=144505970496


'We Want Your Information!,' Nightnews BAT-NEWSFLASH!...


Intro :: The Global Economy and Justice Issues!
A - New Improved Nightnews Listings
B - Nightnews Facebook Group
C - Fringe 2009

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Hades is back!

Hades ~ Party ~ Party! - Apologies for cross-posting

Monday, January 19, 2009 at 8:00pm-2:00am
The Foundry, Canterbury

Goth ~ EBM ~ Industrial

Ever since we said goodbye to our regular night, we have been trying to find a new venue for Hades. Demand has never waned, and we are now rather excited to be invading The Foundry!

Bring your stomping boots, or your glowsticks, your leathers, your fake hair. Dust off that velvet cloak, or don the fairy wings. Whatever face you wear ... the legendary Hades is back!

Dancy ~ Stompy ~ Gothic


Apologies for cross-posting :(

Just a quick reminder that the Hades night we had booked for tomorrow night at KIAD has been cancelled. We will be working to ensure the other nights we have booked at KIAD will go ahead as booked.


Along with the lovely tetriosphinx and hackenpaste, ghost_danser and I have got some more nights for you!

We have arranged a couple of regular nights on Tuesdays at UCCA (formerly KIAD). They will be a fortnight apart: Hades one fortnight and a live bands nights (name to be confirmed) the next fortnight until the summer break. The schedule is as follows:

8th April - Hades
22nd April - Live bands night
6th May - Hades
20th May - Live bands night
3rd June - Hades

More information to follow. (Contact tetriosphinx if you want any more info about the bands night.)

Artwork: is there anyone interested in creating some artwork for Hades? We are looking for ideas for our logo, main imagery, and backgrounds, etc. Please get in touch!

Jan. 5th, 2008

Apology: to those who already are on last.fm and Facebook. I hate posting the same thing everywhere, but with too many interfaces it's unavoidable if we want to get a message to everyone. Until there are aggregators which can get rid of duplicate messages, or just one giant super-site for everyone, you're going to get multiple messages from us. Sorry :(

We've created a group on last.fm! Could be a good way of finding new music, seeing what other Hades-folk listen to etc. When we get 10+ members we'll get charts of what music Hades-goers like.

(For those of you who don't know Last.FM : it's an application that tracks what you listen to, and then produces shiny statistics as well as recommendations of things you might like. Very useful for finding new music! It has bio pages of almost every band in existence, and you can listen to music by quite a few of them.)


Hades: change of date

Hey folks, I have a CHANGE OF DATE for you!

The Hades Invasion of the UKC Rock Society will now take place on FRIDAY 30th NOVEMBER, not the 23rd as originally stated. We apologise for any inconvenience!

Snuff Radio will still be performing at this event ... PLUS, there will be glowsticks on sale from the RockSoc, and UV lighting too! I'm quite psyched :D

Nov. 6th, 2007

Hades finally has a LiveJournal! We also finally have some events booked. It's a bit like buses though - we've had a break since July, and now we've got two at once!


Friday 23rd November (@ UKC Rocksoc) - Hades Invasion
We'll be running a goth and electronic night for the UKC rock society, also featuring well-known(/feared?) local band Snuff Radio. It's held in the Missing Link, behind Darwin College. Drinks are cheap, and entry is free. Running: 8pm-12am; location: The Missing Link, Darwin College, UKC (Google Maps link)

Monday 10th December (@ UCCA/KIAD) - Hades Winter Party
We'll be playing a lot more up-tempo stuff than our usual mix, so come along if you want to party! Entry is free, and non-students are allowed. Plus, the bar runs at student prices. Running: 8pm-12am; location: The Student Union Bar, UCCA (Google Maps link)